GeoSemOLAP: Geospatial OLAP on the Semantic Web Made Easy

GeoSemOLAP is a framework with an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows nonexperts to query spatial semantic data warehouses using high-level SOLAP operators


The proliferation of spatial data and the publication of multidimensional (MD) data on the Semantic Web (SW) has led to new opportunities for On-Line Analytical Processing (SOLAP) over spatial data using SPARQL. However, formulating such queries results in verbose statements and can easily become very difficult for inexperienced users. Hence, we have developed GeoSemOLAP to enable users without detailed knowledge of RDF and SPARQL to query the SW with SOLAP. GeoSemOLAP generates SPARQL queries based on high-level SOLAP operators and allows the user to interactively formulate queries using a graphical interface with interactive maps.

Authors: Nurefşan Gür, Jacob Nielsen, Katja Hose, and Torben Bach Pedersen

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