Agricultural Government Data as
Semantic Web Data

In this project we develop a solution which allows business intelligence tools to integrated external data from a shared repository ad-hoc. On this endpoint we publish the Danish agricultural data collection integrated with the central company registry (CVR) and make it available to the public. This integration makes it possible to query across this data.


Recent advances in Semantic Web technologies have led to a growing popularity of the (Linked) Open Data movement. Only recently, the Danish government has joined the movement and published several data sets - formerly only accessible for a fee - as Open Data in various formats, such as CSV and text files. These raw data sets are difficult to process automatically and combine with other data sources on the Web. Hence, our goal is to convert such data into RDF and make it available to a broader range of users and applications as Linked Open Data. In this paper, we discuss our experiences based on the particularly interesting use case of agricultural data as agriculture is one of the most important industries in Denmark. We describe the process of converting the data and discuss the particular problems that we encountered with respect to the considered data sets. We additionally evaluate our result based on several queries that could not be answered based on existing sources before.

Authors: Alex B. Andersen, Nurefsan Gür, Katja Hose, Kim A. Jakobsen, and Torben Bach Pedersen


RDF Ontology

LOD Cloud

The 'GovAgriBus Denmark' dataset in the LOD cloud

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