SETLBI: An Integrated Platform for Semantic Business Intelligence

A tool that combines Semantic Web and Business Intelligence technologies to define, process, integrate, and query semantic data.


With the growing popularity of Semantic Web technologies, more and more organizations natively manage data using Semantic Web standards, in particular RDF. This development gives rise to new requirements for Business Intelligence tools to enable analyses in the style of On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) over RDF data. In this demonstration, we therefore present the SETLBI (Semantic Extract-Transform-Load and Business Intelligence) integration platform that brings together the Semantic Web and Business Intelligence technologies. SETLBI covers all phases of integration: target definition, source to target mappings generation, semantic and non-semantic source extraction, data transformation, and target population and update. It facilitates Data Warehouse designers to build a semantic Data Warehouse, either from scratch or by defining a multi-dimensional view over existing RDF data sources, and further enables OLAP-style analyses.

Authors: Rudra Pratap Deb Nath, Katja Hose, Torben Bach Pedersen, Oscar Romero, and Amrit Bhattacharjee

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