A Foundation for Spatial Data Warehouses
on the Semantic Web

This research emphasizes on how to utilize spatial data warehousing on the Semantic Web with the most recent stable version of QB4SOLAP. We provide a full formalization of QB4SOLAP and a number of SOLAP operators over the defined QB4SOLAP cubes allowing spatial analytical queries over RDF data, and gives their formal semantics. The paper also provides algorithms for generating spatially extended SPARQL queries from individual and nested SOLAP operators, allowing users to write their spatial analytical queries in our high-level SOLAP language instead of the lower-level and more complex SPARQL.


Large volumes of geospatial data are being published on the Semantic Web (SW), yielding a need for advanced analysis of such data. However, existing SW technologies only support advanced analytical concepts such as multidimensional (MD) data warehouses and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) over non-spatial SW data. To remedy this need, this paper presents the QB4SOLAP vocabulary, which supports spatially enhanced MD data cubes over RDF data. The paper also defines a number of Spatial OLAP (SOLAP) operators over QB4SOLAP cubes and provides algorithms for generating spatially extended SPARQL queries from the SOLAP operators. The proposals are validated by applying them to a realistic use case.

Authors: Nurefşan Gür, Torben Bach Pedersen, Esteban Zimányi, and Katja Hose

RDF Files

RDF files used in the use case examples are available for download from the following links

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